Eldritch Theatre’s
Weekend Online Sword and Sorcery School
a camp for nerds and geeks
SOLD OUT - March 13 to April 10th, Saturdays only 
SOLD OUT - March 14 to April 11th, Sundays only 

5 weeks of DnD
Ages 12 to 15
2PM to 5PM (EST)
Dungeon and Dragons beginners welcome 

Gather ye witches, warlocks, and knights for Eldritch Theatre‚Äôs Online Dungeon‚Äôs & Dragons Adventures.  Become wizards, witches and warriors battle fearsome fantastical foes in a mystical realm of virtual tabletop role playing. 



We will be using DnD Beyond to help create a game that connects us digitally. *no  fee needed, but adventures must sign up for a free membership in order to build their character, and level up after each session. Gaming sessions will be conducted via, with D&D Beyond open in a second tab.

Campers will become wizards and warriors using theatre games, improv, and tabletop role playing. Each day we game and level up in sessions of Dungeons and Dragons. Please keep in mind that this activity requires the participant to be an active listener and able to navigate the game as well as the online video call. 

*Please keep in mind that this activity requires the participant to be an active listener and able to navigate the game as well as the online video session. Should you have any questions please email   

Your professors for our Online Sword and Sorcery School will be Dungeon Master Michael Ripley and Dark Arts Professor Eric Woolfe.  


Further weeks may become available, depending on the number of interested adventurers. 




The classic, certain death adventure, given the Eldritch Theatre touch...


March 6 & 7th, 2021
2PM - 5PM (EST)
$75.00 CDN
Ages 17+


*only 6 spots available* SOLD OUT
ūüźČ recommended for intermediate to advanced players

A weekend of questing event for everyone who complained our Sword & Sorcery School was only for kids. Your wish is our command...

Tomb of Horrors is the infamously deadly dungeon created by Gary Gygax in 1975 a cruel method to murder his players and put them in their place. The classic adventure of danger and doom will be presented over
two gaming sessions, and given just enough of an Eldritch Theatre touch to keep players guessing as they die horrible deaths at the whim of Acererak, the Demilich. So, grab your ten foot polls, say your prayers,
and have a few back up characters ready for when the first one meets its inevitable demise.


Your professors for Sword and Sorcery Summer School will be Dark Arts Professor Eric Woolfe, and Dungeon Master Michael Ripley.

**Adventurers should have a login (it's free to register) and a login for (it's free as well)

Sword and Sorcery School Faculty
Michael Ripley, Dungeon Master
Also a playwright, director and actor D.M. Ripley taught for years with the Arts Express afterschool theatre and "Improv for Teens" programs. He has also taught acting for dancers at the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre‚Äôs Sundance summer school and has twice directed the Blyth Festival Theatre‚Äôs Young Company program. Other teaching credits include 2 years as a Theatre History instructor for Ryerson University‚Äôs School of Performance. His plays have appeared on stages from Sydney to Dubai to Chennai. When not making theatre Michael spends downtime playing D&D with his sons, friends and the goblin folk that live behind his furnace.  His first DnD character was Baffle Cakecheek ‚Äď a bard/baker bagpiper with a knack for the arcane art of philo-mancy.

Eric Woolfe, Professor of the Dark Arts 

Professor Woolfe is the artistic director of Eldritch Theatre, a company specializing in plays about the creepy and uncanny, using puppetry, live actors and parlour magic. He will be using these arcane talents as our school’s chief puppetry and magic instructor. Aside from his skills as a necromancer, he works as both actor and playwright and itinerant showman, also being one of Canada’s few Punch and Judy Professors, and the impresario of the worlds only Dora Award Nominated Flea Circus. Mr Woolfe has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1980. His first character was Amic Fenris Tesh, a halfling fighter-magic user, whose best friend was a talking Phoenix.

Adrianna Prosser, Transfiguration Teacher
After twenty years serving the muggle world as camp counselor, leading program development and theatrical endeavors for adults and children alike under the moniker "Big Red" with the City of Toronto,various arts camps across Ontario, and overseas (literally on a cruiseship), Professor Prosser joined Eldritch Theatre in 2016 to help create wonderous productions and programs that made use of her wand. You can find her on the award-winning children's webseries Cranium Cookie on Shaftesbury's SortaTV and leading her favourite program at Colborne Lodge, Haunted High Park, each October. Her Animagus is a Dragonborn Rogue, and her familiar is Pebbles Fraggle.