My dearest Patron of the Uncanny and Macabre,



As you may be aware, Eldritch Theatre- our merrily morbid purveyor of plays that go bump in the night- is undergoing its twentieth year of existence.


Our 20th Abominaversary Season


To celebrate, we are panhandling, extorting, and trolling the local underground tunnels for donations towards development our next production, the second part of the Apocalypse Trilogy, which began with Space Opera Zero!

Part Two, Requiem for a Gumshoe, is a weird noir mystery that takes cosmic horror, 1930’s detective fiction, Norse Mythology, and terrifying demented gods lurking on the edges of reality, and grinds them through the Eldritch pulp mill, reshaping them into a surreal tale of dark magic, murder, and mirth.


We are developing the Requiem this Fall, in order that your bloodshot eyes may view its magnificence in 2020, closing our 20th season.


To make this happen, we are attempting to raise a paltry $20 thousand dollars.

Perhaps, this grim plot tickles you, and you would care to donate $20 to our dark cause. Or ten twenties. Or a hundred twenties. Perhaps you have twenty ghoulish friends who would like to donate twenty twenties themselves.


In our infinite generosity, we have found a way for you to do so....






Every little 20 cent piece donated, helps bring us

closer to our ghoulish goal.
Isn’t it kind of us to let you take part in helping

us make the world a little dark?



                   Dr Pretorious Wuthergloom